Meetinghouse Dental Care
Mercury-Safe, Metal-Free, High-Tech Dentistry

Technology and Services

Technology makes your dental visit with us quicker, easier, and more comfortable than ever!

  • The WAND - a computer-controlled anesthesia-delivery system - administers anesthesia in total comfort.
  • Quiet electric hand pieces offer exceptional precision.
  • The CAVIJET uses air and water pressure to polish teeth and to remove stains and plaque non-abrasively for the most thorough, gentle professional cleaning available.
  • The CAVITRON removes calculus and irrigates below the gumline ultrasonically for gentle, highly effective non-surgical periodontal care.
  • Low exposure DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY equips every operatory, greatly decreasing your radiation exposure.
  • Low exposure VATECH Green Machine 3-D Imaging (also known as Cone Beam Scan, CT Scan, Cat Scan). 3-D Imaging finds abscesses and granulomas invisible on 2-D traditional radiographs, helping us resolve long-standing issues of dental discomfort.  Furthermore, the software's density meter indicates areas of dissolved bone - often in old extraction sites - that may harbor infection.  
  • Technology and Lighting Center PERSONAL OVERHEAD FLAT SCREENS allow you to listen to music or watch TV from the extraordinary comfort of the TEMPUR-PEDIC OVERLAY of your dental chair!
  • DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY creates a virtual tour of your mouth on your personal overhead screen.  
  • The FLORIDA PROBE provides computerized measurement of tooth pocket depth for thorough diagnosis.  Proper monitoring promotes appropriate preventive or therapeutic periodontal care.
  • The OL80 processes medical-grade OXYGEN-OZONE to create a therapeutic, oxygen-rich environment in affected tissues, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  We use oxygen-ozone in treatment of extraction sites, jaw bone infection, and periodontal disease.  
  • Other available therapeutic modalities include infrared, iotophoresis, laser, TENS, cyro, massage
  • Leading-edge technology for MERCURY-SAFE AMALGAM REPLACEMENT protects you when old silver fillings break down.  ALL silver fillings, even those currently on the market today, contain 48-52% mercury.  Isolite Intra-Oral Protectors, IQAir Dental Hg FlexVac, LG-2 Ionizers, nosehood with unidirectional fresh air supply, and other technololgies minimize your exposure to mercury vapor, particulates, and debris during the mercury-amalgam replacement process.
  • The AMALGAMBOSS MERCURY SEPARATOR tests at 99+% capture rate to keep munidipal sludge mercury-free.
  • The POTENTIOMETER measures galvanic current generated by dissimilar metals in the conducive environment of the saliva of the mouth.
  • Other available diagnostic tools include Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to measure the delicate balance of the body's autonomic nervous system.
  • The WAVEFRONT provides homeopathic healing support for previously root canaled teeth, extraction procedures, and periodontal issues.        
  • A 4-LEAF ENERGY IC UNIT decreases the overall electromagnetic field of the facility.  All fluorescent overhead light fixtures have been converted to clean energy; ballasts are completely severed, and mercury-free LED's replace all fluorescent tubes.  
  • The ODYSSEY DIODE LASER offers precision gum re-contouring, cauterizing, sterilizing, and healing.
  • The cold laser INSIGHT40 and other lasers promote cellular level healing for areas of sensitivity, jaw joint pain, root canalled teeth, and extraction sites.
  • The PHYSICS FORCEPS facilitate extractions.
  • VELscope early detection blue light technology identifies precancerous tissue and beginning-stage oral cancer, allowing for effective early intervention.
  • CEREC CAD-CAM technology provides one-visit solid-block ceramic, NON-METAL crowns, onlays, and inlays.  No more impressions.  No more temporaries.  No more 3-week wait for lab work.  No more delivery visits.  No need to be numbed a second time!

Our passion is you, our guest!  Our promise is personalized and comfortable care!  You'll find us warm, gentle, friendly.  Genuinely interested.  We listen carefully to your concerns and desires.  If you are embarrassed to show your teeth, we can help you regain your self esteem!  Or maybe anxiety has made you postpone needed dental work?  Your ease is our priority!

We love what we do!

  • CEREC CAD-CAM Onlays and Crowns 
  • Non-Metal Ceramic Bridges
  • Exquisite Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Gentle Professional Cleanings
  • Velscope
  • Fluoride-Free MI Paste Remineralization Therapy
  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy with Oxygen-Ozone Irrigation
  • Rehabilative Dentistry
  • Biocompatible Dentures and Partials 
  • Ceramic Implant Restorations; Implant-Supported Bridges and Dentures 
  • Biologic Oral Surgery with Healing Remedies and Oxygen-Ozone.  PRF.   
  • Oxygen-Ozone Therapy 
  • Tooth-Colored Resin Restorations - No Bisphenol A/B - No Time-Released Fluoride
  • Mercury-Safe Replacement of Existing Silver Amalgam Fillings


Where do I start? The team at Meetinghouse Dental cares! The technology and professionalism is the best possible. Every time I visit, there is more amazing technology - Dentistry meets Star Trek!  But all the incredible technology, all the expertise are not at the core of it all. The wonderful team... Lou, Wendy, everyone... They truly care.  Heartfelt thanks for all you do!

John Baxter, Richboro PA

When I came to this office from my previous office, it was like night and day, like going from the Old West to Star Wars... the technology and the attention to details! The doctors are super; the team even better!

Scott Aemisegger, Dresher PA

I am truly white-knuckled when it comes to the dentist chair.  With that said, Meetinghouse Dental Care has treated me with ultimate TLC.  All are gentle, encouraging, thoughtful, including the front desk and billing department.  My cleaning today with Laura was a joy!  The staff here is only the best of the best.  Thank you!

Barbara Abrams, Wyncote PA

To everyone at Meetinghouse Dental Care: One word comes to mind: AWESOME!  It is so nice to come to the dentist and not be afraid!  I obviously feel welcomed and relaxed!  I am so glad I was referred to your practice!  I will refer everyone I know!

Jolene Olson, Hatboro PA

When I married my husband I was quite happy with my previous dentist and had a few reservations about switching.  My husband assured me that I would also be very pleased with his dentist.  For convenience sake I decided to give Dr. Trovato a try.  Since that day I won't go to anyone else.  Mistakenly I was under the impression that some pain was natural and could not be avoided during treatment.  Not only did I discover that dentistry could be pain-free, I also discoverd that a complete checkup included checking the tongue, gums, etc!  (My previous dentist never checked for TMJ problems or checked my lymph nodes and thyroid gland.  I was not even aware that good dental hygiene required regular cleaning every 6 months!)  Thanks!

Bernadette Trasser, Warrington PA

"You're never fully dressed without a smile." - Martin Charnin