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New Patient Visit and Forms




The first step toward a healthy smile is to reserve a visit with our doctors.  

Please call our office at (215) 293-0909We look forward to speaking with you!

Please click our dental Health History Form to print, complete at home, and bring to your visit.  

Please also click our Nutritional Intake Form to print, complete at home, and bring to your visit. 

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early with your completed Health History Form and completed Nutritional Intake Form to
give us time to enter your information into our computer database. 

If you are coming for a 3-Dimensional Cone Beam Scan (also known as CT Scan or CAT Scan), please click our Conebeam Scan Intake Form to print, complete at home, and bring to your visit.


OPTIONAL (we will have you fill out these four when you check in)

Click (if you wish) our
Guarantee and Payment Options to read at home prior to your visit.

Click (if you wish) our HIPAA privacy practice policy.

Click (if you wish) our Mercury-Safe Protocol Consent to review prior to arrival if you have silver fillings.  You will sign the actual consent on a sticker when you arrive at the office.

Click (if you wish) our VELscope Oral Cancer Screening information to review prior to arrival.  You will sign the actual consent on a sticker when you arrive at the office.


We are an adult practice.  We will answer questions and offer advice about your younger children's oral health, but we wait to accept children into the dental practice until age 12.   We do welcome children younger than age 12 for nutritional consultation.   Whole food nutrition is absolutely foundational for effective biologic (holistic) dentistry. 





What to expect during your new patient comprehensive exam with our dentists:


Full Mouth Series of X-rays (FMX) - Required

Low exposure DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY greatly reduces radiation exposure while acquiring the necessary Full-Mouth Series of X-rays.  If you have a FMX from a previous office that was taken within the last three years, it may be transferred to our office.  It is best if you request your FMX be sent directly to your e-mail and you forward them to  Bitewing / Checkup x-rays are required every year to year and a half, and will be taken to update a transferred FMX.


3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography – Recommended on case by case basis

Low exposure 3-D Imaging by our VATECH Green Machine produces incredibly diagnostic CBCT scans (commonly referred to as cone beam scans).  Not every patient requires a 3D scan.  It is recommended on an individual basis (most commonly for areas with unexplained pain, root canals, and old extraction sites) to gather additional critical information that traditional 2D x-rays sometimes do not provide.  CBCT, 3-D Imaging finds abscesses and granulomas invisible on 2-D traditional radiographs, helping us resolve long-standing issues of dental discomfort.  Furthermore, the software's density meter indicates areas of dissolved bone - often in old extraction sites - that may harbor infection.  CBCT scan is also used prior to any ceramic implant placement.


Digital Pictures 

Digital photography creates a virtual tour of your mouth on your personal overhead screen, and it allows our dentist to possibly review and examine your teeth in the future if you are not present in the office.


Oral Potentiometer (Oral Galvanism)

The potentiometer measures galvanic current generated by dissimilar metals in the conducive (slightly acidic) environment of the saliva of the mouth.  Basically, it is a fancy electrician's tool designed to measure the micro current generated by the tiny batteries (teeth with metal restorations) dentists have created.  A potentiometer is performed on those with multiple metal restorations and may not be required for those with minimal prior dentistry.


Preventative Dental Nutrition Education 

Patient educational handouts are provided during exams based on individual needs (Possible topics include cavity reversal / remineralization, oral microbiome, root canals, extractions, and implants).  All exams include a short consult with our Dental Nutritionist on holistic dental nutrition with the goal of long-term oral stability and cavity prevention using our Salivary pH Handout.  Home care techniques are reviewed and tweaked to maintain an alkaline oral environment.


Comprehensive Dental Exam

At Meetinghouse Dental Care, we value education and patient participation.  Our goal is to provide you with the information and tools required to make an informed decision regarding your oral and systemic health.  Our biologic dentists thoroughly review your mouth, charting and checking the stability of existing dentistry and screening for any new areas of breakdown.  Decay will be charted and treatment recommended.  Any areas of beginning breakdown (incipiencies) that have not broken through the enamel wall will be noted, and a cooperative plan will be recommended to attempt to remineralize the enamel.  Proper home care techniques will be recommended.  All exams are individualized, and additional topics will be addressed based on your personal dental health (quality of dental restorations materials, replacement options for missing teeth like partials and ceramic implants, root canals and related meridians).


Periodontal Screening

The Florida Probe provides computerized measurements from the top of the gum to the top of the bone, giving a thorough diagnosis of tooth pocket depths.  Proper monitoring of pocket depths promotes appropriate preventive or therapeutic periodontal care and lets the dentist determine what type of professional cleaning is required.


Early Detection Oral Cancer Screening  

VELscope early detection blue light technology identifies any kind of abnormal tissue, allowing us to discover and monitor any suspicious area in the mouth.  Picking up precancerous tissue and beginning-stage oral cancer allows for effective early intervention.




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