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The Wand


The Wand

Meetinghouse Dental Care does not use the traditional syringe / needle to deliver anesthesia.  We utilize a device called The Wand to painlessly numb an area before dental procedures.  The Wand is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia that carefully guides dentists as they are performing dental injections.  Patients who experience the technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness since the technology also allows for sometimes numbing a single tooth rather than always numbing an entire area.

If you have ever experienced a normal dental injection using a traditional syringe, you will know it is not pleasant.  But, have you ever noticed that some injections hurt more than others?  That is because the pain does not come form the needle itself.  The pain comes from the rapid distention of the tissue as the anesthesia is going in.  This means the pain is directly related to the injection technique, and speed at which the doctor is pressing with his or her thumb.  

The faster the doctor presses the syringe, the more pain is felt from the rapid delivery of the anesthesia.   

The Wand eliminates the doctor's thumb, controlling the speed of anesthetic delivery through a computer controlled device that senses the type of tissue it is in, and only delivers the anesthesia at a level patient's cannot feel it.