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Meetinghouse Dental Care takes great pride in the care of our patients and guests.  We are continually humbled the the kind feedback and strive every day to provide the absolute best state-of-the-art biologic dentistry possible.

Meetinghouse Dental rocks my socks! I love it here. Your staff is always so great, friendly, and accommodating. I've been here since I can remember! I LOVE you guys! Thanks for everything!
Casey Kelby, North Wales PA

“I just want to say how fantastic your team is . . . especially when it comes to children.  We bring our seven-year-old grandson with us, and Laura, our hygienist, treats him to the dental chair with teeth cleaning and lots of talking.  He feels like a king! He loves to come to the office.  All due to the care and patience of Laura and your two doctors.  Thank you for your outstanding team from the front door to the dental chair!"
- Lenore Guthrie, West Chester PA

“I have been one of Dr. Trovato's patients for 20 years. After bad experiences with another dentist, a friend recommended Lou. I made my first appointment and have not looked back since. During these 20 years, I think I have taken advantage of most procedures the practice provides. Each time I walk into Meetinghouse Dental Care, I am greeted by friendly and knowledgeable people who make me fell at ease. I like that any question asked or concern expressed is always addressed. I especially like that Dr. Trovato and Dr. Beratan use the latest techniques in dentistry. Since everyone works together, it has been easy to get appointments - even with the more than one emergencies I have had. I remain a satisfied and loyal patient of Meetinghouse Dental Care!”
- Betsy Stein, Maple Glen PA

“Meetinghouse Dental care is by far the best dental office I've ever visited. The team is friendly and helpful, the office is clean and safe, and the appointments are always on time. Each hygienist I have seen has been more gentle and professional than the last; especially Heather, she is the best! I have already recommended this office to my family and friends and will continue to do so in the future...after all, how can you beat a comfortable exam chair with a flat screen TV!”
- Gary Sullivan, Willow Grove PA

“When I was 12, I had one tooth that was sticking out a little and an eye tooth that was up too high. I had gone to my childhood dentist alone for a cleaning, and the dentist decided that the only thing to do was to pull all my teeth. I was 12, remember. My mother came home from work that evening, and when she saw me, all she could do was cry. I've had dentures since I was 12. I feared the dentist so much I never went back after that. I was deathly afraid. My friend kept urging me to see Dr. Lou. I got so tired of listening to her that I finally went. Dr. Lou made me feel like I'm part of the family. I feel at home. I just knew he would make me look 10 years younger. He has the gentlest touch. He answers all my questions, and he explains everything so patiently as he goes along. You never have to be afraid to see Dr. Lou. I got two new overdentures, and I look and feel so good - not only mentally but when I get all fixed up with my hair done and lipliner . . . you don't even know I'm the same person. The girls on the team are wonderful. Dr. Lou can't possibly get a better bunch of girls. They all work together. There's no jealousy, and everyone is so helpful. If you're afraid of something, and you call on the phone - they calm you down just by the way they talk to you about things. And that's just on the phone! Can you even imagine what it's like when you're here in person in the office? Dr. Lou is the best dentist I've ever known, anywhere. I don't even have the words to describe how he is. You have to experience it for yourself. Thank you so much. Thanks to him, and thanks to the team!”
Maria Nicastro, Southampton PA

“You guys all are a blessing! Thank you so much!”
Kathy Ventresca, Doylestown PA

“With being a television news reporter, having a great smile is important. That's why I go to Meetinghouse Dental Care. Dr. Trovato has been my dentist for as long as I can remember, and I won't go anywhere else. In fact I drive over 4 hours every six months to get my teeth checked! It sounds crazy I'm sure, but there is no other dentist out there like him. The office technology is unprecedented, the staff is always friendly, and I feel comfortable being there. (Not too many can say that about their dentist!) I have a great smile, and it's because of Dr. Trovato's artistry and his team at Meetinghouse Dental Care.”
- Danielle Krout, Ebensburg, PA

“Thank you so much for a job well done! I've finally found a dentist office where I don't feel uncomfortable or unwelcome! All of your team is extremely pleasant and professional! Thank you for accommodating me, and giving me the professional opinion I needed. I have never felt so confident about my teeth, and now I can't stop smiling! Special thanks to Dr. Trovato and Brooke. My teeth look AMAZING!”
Kelly Loudenslager, North Wales PA

“I have known Dr. Lou personally for over 25 years. As my primary Dental Care Physician, his skills and expertise are only exceeded by the care and understanding that he gives his patients.”
- Berne Siergiej, Amber, PA 

“Dr. Trovato takes the time to explain the procedures he will use. He and his staff exude the professionalism that makes me comfortable with my office visits. I have been his patient for almost 10 years now.”
- Anne Dunnington, Ambler PA

“In my 85 years, Dr. Trovato is the only dentist I have not minded coming to. He's absolutely the best. Thanks!”
- Ruth Lynch, Bryn Athyn PA

“I just wanted to say I never felt so at home at a dentist before. Not only did I feel comfortable the first time, but I never had such an in-depth examination! Dr. Lou took time to explain everything to me. Everyone is so friendly. This is how every dentist/doctor's office should be. You really set the bar high! Thank you so much!”
- Tammie Dowd, Philadelphia PA

“I was humbled by the gratitude I felt when I saw the difference that Dr. Lou made in my smile. It brought tears to my eyes.
- Joan Riccio, Downingtown PA

“Dear Lou: Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you have found room for in your heart - creating an exceptional dental practice that utilizes state-of-the-art technololgy and concepts. I have so appreciated the way you have cared for my family members and me. Your practice is all about options and excellence, and I so appreciate that! You are simply the best! Thanks.”
- Dr. Luanne Fisher, Horsham PA

“I am 73 years old. All my life I was so afraid of the dentist. I had a lot of dentists in my life. They hurt me and told me it was all in my head. I'm a baby, etc. All of a sudden, I came to Meetinghouse Dental Care. Came in fearful, but I couldn't believe how wonderful everyone was to me. Dr. Wendy is the greatest, so kind, gentle and never hurt me. Believe me this was an experience. I want everybody everywhere to come here. You'll love to go to the dentist again. Believe me, from my heart. Thank you.”
- Ernie Petrilak, Warminster PA

“The staff, from the front desk to the back office, is very nice and always professional. My dental care is excellent. Dr. Beratan placed veneers in the front of my mouth that were a perfect match!”
- Cindy Wilson, Huntingdon Valley PA

“I was a dental phobic until some of my employees, Dick Morgan and Sara Bean, recommended Meetinghouse Dental Care. They are the finest bunch of pro's I've ever met. Between their customer service, pain management, and expert care - my whole family is so pleased to be here. I gave up my company-provided dental DMO and purchased my own insurance just so our family could come to Meetinghouse Dental Care. Good going Dr. Wendy and the entire team!”
- Barbara Jadczak, Horsham PA


“When it comes to my health and the well-being of my family and myself, I must be an analytical perfectionist. I was a patient at my previous dentist for approximately 23 years. He was very good, but lacking in something I could not explain. When I entered Meetinghouse Dental Care for the first time, the void was instantly filled. Further into this experience, I met Barb, who cleaned my teeth. That was an experience on its own. She introduced me to a whole new level of hygiene.  Dr. Trovato is the Picasso of Dentistry! I will need an entire book to really explain myself regarding his expertise.  Finally, you must experience this for yourself to fully understand my words. This facility must be the warmest, most caring, state-of-the-art group of individuals I have ever met in the medical field. My wife and two sons are patients as well! I love my family with all my heart, and I fully trust Meetinghouse Dental Care to care for them for the duration of their lives. Thank you sincerely. It is a true honor to be part of Meetinghouse Dental Care.”
- David G. Butkiewicz, Philadelphia PA

“I have a long standing fear of the dentist, most of which has been put aside in my two short visits here. Dr. Beratan was spectacular. Not only did she treat my emergency, but did so with such care and speed. While a lifetime fear of the dentist may not be 'cured' in a visit or two, the staff at Meetinghouse Dental Care has gone a long way in helping me put those fears aside and treat my teeth as something I should address in a preventive, not emergency, manner. Thank you!”
- Brendhan Fogarty, Trevose PA

“My family and I have been patients of Dr Trovato's for over 20 years. We couldn't be more pleased with the level of care and professionalism that we've experienced from Dr Trovato, Dr. Beratan and the entire staff at Meetinghouse Dental Care. Their attention to detail for every aspect of dental care from routine cleanings to emergencies is exceptional. Appointments are always timely and treatment options thoroughly explained in a way that is easy for patients to understand. Meetinghouse Dental Care also makes great efforts to offer patients new and better ways to maintain their dental health. We are confident that we are receiving the best in dental care and treatment.”
- Kevin Guers, Langhorne PA

“Hi Barb! Besides being professional and knowledgeable, my hygienist, Heather was very attentive to my concerns. She did a very thorough job and went out of her way to explain what she was doing. Thank Dr. Lou, Kelley and Heather for a great job. They all were great. I think you folks make going to the dentist a pleasurable thing and not something to be dreaded. When you have a great staff that knows what they are doing and are able to do it pain-free, it is no chore to sit there and let them do their thing! Barb, thank you for all your hard work arranging things to fit my schedule. It was much appreciated. Be sure and tell your team 'Well Done!'.”
- Dave Nay, Newtown PA

“I highly recommend Meetinghouse Dental Care to anyone! Not only have I received the most up-to-date and finest dental care, but I have always been treated with compassion and respect by both Dr. Trovato and his team. It is comforting to know that if I am having a dental emergency I will be seen that day - one of the doctors will always make him/herself available to treat me!”
- Laraine Hesser, Southampton PA

“For over 6 years I've experienced nothing short of a high level of expertise, professionalism, and comfort. What used to be horrifying (seeing a dentist) has becomes a wonderfully happy experience. No other dental practice can match this environment. I highly suggest others experience the quality work and ethical standards Dr. Lou and his team offer.”
- Paul Rothrock, Kennett Square PA

“Where do I start? The team at Meetinghouse Dental cares! The technology and professionalism is the best possible. Every time I visit, there is more amazing technology - Dentistry meets Star Trek!  But all the incredible technology, all the expertise, are not at the core of it all. The wonderful team... Lou, Wendy, everyone... They truly care.  Heartfelt thanks for all you do!”
- John Baxter, Richboro PA

“When I came to this office from my previous office, it was like night and day, like going from the Old West to Star Wars... the technology and the attention to details! The doctors are super; the team even better!”
- Scott Aemisegger, Dresher PA


I have been going to Dr. Trovato for about ten years. The office is now fifteen minutes from my home, but initially, when I lived in Philadelphia, I drove more than twenty miles to the office. I had heard about Dr. Trovato from a friend, and I was certainly not disappointed. Over the years, he restored my bridgework and, through the magic of cosmetic dentistry, transformed my smile into the one I wish I had years ago. In short, Dr. Lou Trovato and Dr. Wendy Beratan are consummate professionals, whose knowledge and practice of cutting-edge dentistry, coupled with their compassion and understanding, have always made my experiences thoroughly comfortable. The entire Meetinghouse Dental Care team, from the dental assistants to the office staff, has been consistently professional and a delight to work with. In fact, I cannot think of any suggestions for improvement. They are truly outstanding. Lou "Michelangelo" Trovato is the true Artist of Dentistry. I may be driving to Meetinghouse Dental, but in my mind, I am driving to the Tuscany of Montgomery County, the home of "The Artist".”
- Francis J. Ryan, Glenside PA

“My wife Debbie came here and was very nervous about dental care. She now can't wait to show off the dental work Dr. Trovato did for her. She has had veneers on her teeth and other work done, and it has given my wife her beautiful smile back. What a difference! Thanks!”
- Dave Hamilton, Ivyland PA

“I have been a teacher in the Bucks County area for over 20 years and come in contact with many people. I love to smile and have always had the desire to have straight, white teeth that would result in a gorgeous smile. After having braces and retainers when I was in grade school, my teeth were straight, but they were small, with a slight separation in the front and an edge-to-edge bite. After in-depth discussions with Dr. Trovato of how porcelain veneers would look, I decided to completely change my smile. Dr. Trovato explained the veneer process every step of the way. My most difficult decision was selecting which shade of white I wanted for my new smile! The veneers are absolutely gorgeous, and they don't stain! They are very easy to take care of and are always shiny and white! They transformed my entire face. I have received so many compliments thanks to Dr. Trovato and his expertise in this area of cosmetic dentistry!”
- Maria Alden, Ivyland PA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Trovato's for over five years now, and my confidence in him has grown so much. He is a wonderful and caring dentist, and he has given me a new and life-changing self esteem by what he has done for my teeth. I would never dream of going to anybody else. Dr. Trovato and his wife Barb are a winning team, and I am proud to be part of their practice.”
- Kim Lehman, Warrington PA

"In the year I've been coming here, I haven't had one panic attack. I've had two implants; my gums were numbed but no traditional needles - just a wand type applicator. When it was time for extractions - which I've never had without being put to sleep - Dr. Trovato was able to do them, and, there again, I couldn't believe it - no pain. And now, what a difference in my life! Especially the mini-implants. I just never imagined! Before, I made up excuses, but now I go to restaurants, and I just had lunch with a friend whom I haven't seen for years. I can smile and laugh! At Meetinghouse Dental Care everyone treats you as though you're the most important person there - genuinely.”
- Evelyn Konsler, Magnolia NJ


“I could not let the service I received at your facility go unrecognized.  From the time of my very first call, I have received nothing but professional, engaging, sensitive, and teaching services.  I talked with Donna.  She was very pleasant.  When I arrived for my first appointment I met Amber.  She took my x-rays and was very informative.  After my x-rays I met with Dr. Jose Alvarez.  He answered all the questions I had and more.  I asked him if it was practice policy to always be so caring and informative with the patients.  He replied that they are our clients, and they should be educated as to what we are doing for them.  During my checkout I talked to Tara. She was personable and friendly.  I was extremely impressed with the staff and their spirit of compassion and commitment.”
- Steven Mobley, Doylestown PA


“Wow! My teeth are happy!”
- Kris Soffa, Philadelphia PA


“My teeth always cause conversation! My secret? They're crowns by Dr. Lou! Honest and competent dental care!"
- Charlotte Leary, Richboro PA


“There's a great playroom for the kids! And you can pick out something to drink from the refrigerator! And you get a cool toothbrush when you leave. I like Dr. Lou a lot. And everybody is so nice. I like the feeling of clean teeth!”
- Jessica, West Chester PA, age 12


“All of my grandchildren come to this office.  They actually look forward to their dental appointment.  This is wonderful for them and their parents.  Hopefully they will feel this way for a long time!”
- Elaine Cavalier, Horsham PA


“Great staff - all of you see to patient care and comfort!”
- Terry Antonacci, Horsham PA


“Been coming to this practice fifty years.  First with Dr. Schroeder and then with Dr. Trovato.  It gets better all the time.  Staff all professional and pleasant.  Sandy is exceptional!”
- Betty Clegg, Hatboro PA


“We looked all over, and finally a friend recommended Meetinghouse Dental Care.  They handle all our insurance needs expeditiously.  We were impressed with the friendly environment and warm welcome they gave each and every one of us!  Meetinghouse Dental Care has the most advance equipment and the latest technology available, in addition to a highly trained staff.  We are all very pleased with our new dental family!”
- Rick and Diane Saturno, Hatboro PA


“I've been a patient of Meetinghouse Dental Care for seven years!  I find the team very knowledgeable and pleasant.  Both doctors Wendy and Lou are very good dentists.  Sandy cleans my teeth and is very gentle and pleasant.  My husband and I always look forward to the fresh baked cookies!”
- Gail Gordon, Horsham PA


“I am truly white-knuckled when it comes to the dentist chair.  With that said, Meetinghouse Dental Care has treated me with ultimate TLC.  All are gentle, encouraging, thoughtful, including the front desk and billing department.  My cleaning today with Laura was a joy!  The staff here is only the best of the best.  Thank you!”
- Barbara Abrams, Wyncote PA


“To everyone at Meetinghouse Dental Care: One word comes to mind: AWESOME!  It is so nice to come to the dentist and not be afraid!  I obviously feel welcomed and relaxed!  I am so glad I was referred to your practice!  I will refer everyone I know!”
- Jolene Olson, Hatboro PA


“When I married my husband I was quite happy with my previous dentist and had a few reservations about switching.  My husband assured me that I would also be very pleased with his dentist.  For convenience sake I decided to give Dr. Trovato a try.  Since that day I won't go to anyone else.  Mistakenly I was under the impression that some pain was natural and could not be avoided during treatment.  Not only did I discover that dentistry could be pain-free, I also discovered that a complete checkup included checking the tongue, gums, etc!  (My previous dentist never checked for TMJ problems or checked my lymph nodes and thyroid gland.  I was not even aware that good dental hygiene required regular cleaning every 6 months!)  Thanks!”
- Bernadette Trasser, Warrington PA

“Asking us, "What can we tell you about Meetinghouse Dental Care?" is more like saying, "What can't we tell you about them!" Recommended by a friend who knew I had "bad experiences" with dentists in the past, we tried Meetinghouse Dental Care. Who knew that the latest in technology and some pampering could be had at this wonderful business?! It doesn't even look like an office from the outside. It looks just like it feels, like a family's home, and that's what we consider them to be. They are all about making you feel comfortable and at home while you're with them. That means so much to our family.

We've been coming to Meetinghouse Dental Care since before our kids were born, and we would never think to change. We even moved to Maryland four years ago and still make a three hour trip for our whole family to come visit two times a year.  Both our children have been coming since they were three years old. They LOVE it there and look forward to the visit every time! From the smell of fresh baked cookies to playing in the totally kid-friendly playroom while waiting for their appointment, they thoroughly enjoy every minute. They also love the fact that the team and doctors -- Lou Trovato and Wendy Beratan -- are so nice to them. Our four-year-old son says that they are his friends and they care about him. He also loves the video games and movies in the playroom. Our seven-year-old daughter always says she likes that she can watch television when she gets her teeth checked, and "the presents they give are great!." She means the many product samples, toys from the treasure chest, and the fact that she gets a fresh-baked cookie and drink to take with her when she's done. Wonderful teams and doctors like ours are truly needed in this industry!

Mark and I love coming there too. Not only do they have a caring and committed staff that treats you like you're an old friend, but the doctors are wonderful and do fantastic work!

As I mentioned, I had "bad experiences" before and was really frightened of needles. Meetinghouse Dental Care eased all my fears. The doctors and team are very sensitive to your feelings too. If you feel any discomfort at all, they'll stop and take the time to make certain you are 100% comfortable before continuing to work on your teeth. They don't use needles. They use the Wand. It looks like a glowing blue tongue depressor that makes a soothing sound as it administers the anesthesia.

I remember once I had a chip of porcelain lodged between my teeth. Dr. Trovato stopped packing for a family trip and took the time to come in after hours to help me. Now that's what I call dedication, and I really was grateful for his caring so much.  What else can I tell you? From the first moment you walk into the door to the moment you leave, you'll be glad you chose to go there. I know we are!”
- Tracy & Mark DiNezza, Hagerstown MD