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Technology and Services


Meetinghouse Dental uses state-of-the-art technology to make your dental visit quicker, easier, and more comfortable than ever!

New Patient Exams

- Low exposure DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY equips every operatory, greatly decreasing your radiation exposure. 

Low exposure 3-D Imaging by our VATECH Green Machine produces incredibly diagnostic CBCT scans (Cone Beam Computed Tomography – commonly referred to as Cone Beam Scans).  3-D Imaging finds abscesses and granulomas invisible on 2-D traditional radiographs, helping us resolve long-standing issues of dental discomfort.  Furthermore, the software's density meter indicates areas of dissolved bone - often in old extraction sites - that may harbor infection. 

- DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY creates a virtual tour of your mouth on your personal overhead screen.  

- The POTENTIOMETER measures galvanic current generated by dissimilar metals in the conducive (slightly acidic) environment of the saliva of the mouth.

- Patient educational handouts are provided during exams based on individual needs (Possible topics include cavity reversal / remineralization, oral microbiome, root canals, extractions, and implants).  All exams include a short consult with our Dental Nutritionist on holistic dental nutrition with the goal of long-term oral stability and cavity prevention using our Salivary pH Handout.  Home care techniques are reviewed and tweaked to maintain an alkaline oral environment.

- The FLORIDA PROBE provides computerized measurements from the top of the gum to the top of the bone, giving a thorough diagnosis of tooth pocket depths.  Proper monitoring of pocket depths promotes appropriate preventive or therapeutic periodontal care.

- VELscope early detection blue light technology identifies any kind of abnormal tissue, allowing us to discover and monitor any suspicious area in the mouth.  Picking up precancerous tissue and beginning-stage oral cancer allows for effective early intervention.


Biologic Dentistry 

- The WAND - a computer-controlled anesthesia-delivery system - administers anesthesia in total comfort.

- Electric hand pieces offer a quite drilling experience with exceptional precision.  Ozonated water is expelled from the hand piece, simultaneously sterilizing the preparation while keeping the tooth cool to protect the nerve. 

CEREC CAD-CAM technology provides one-visit solid-block ceramic, NON-METAL crowns, onlays, and inlays.  No more impressions.  No more temporaries.  No more 3-week wait for lab work.  No more delivery visits.  No need to be numbed a second time!

- The Longevity OL80 produces medical-grade OXYGEN-OZONE to create a therapeutic, oxygen-rich environment in affected tissues, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  We use oxygen-ozone in treatment of extraction sites, re-infected root canals, jawbone infection, and periodontal disease. 

- The ODYSSEY DIODE LASER offers precision gum re-contouring, cauterizing, sterilizing, and healing.

- The cold laser INSIGHT40 and other red, near infrared, and infrared lasers promote cellular level healing for areas of sensitivity, jaw joint pain, root canalled teeth, and extraction sites.

- SMART certified technology for MERCURY-SAFE AMALGAM REPLACEMENT protects you when old silver fillings break down.  ALL silver fillings, even those currently on the market today, contain 48-52% mercury.  Isolite Intra-Oral Protectors, IQAir Dental Hg FlexVac, LG-2 Ionizers, nosehood with unidirectional fresh air supply, and other technologies minimize your exposure to mercury vapor, particulates, and debris during the mercury-amalgam replacement process. 

- The AMALGAMBOSS MERCURY SEPARATOR installed to our water lines tests at 99+% capture rate to keep municipal sludge mercury-free, protecting our environment.

- A4-LEAF ENERGY IC UNIT decreases the overall electromagnetic field of the facility.  All fluorescent overhead light fixtures have been converted to clean energy; ballasts are completely severed, and mercury-free LED's replace all fluorescent tubes. 


Professional Cleanings

- The CAVIJET uses air and water pressure to polish teeth and to remove stains and plaque non-abrasively for the most thorough, gentle professional cleaning available.

- The CAVITRON removes calculus and irrigates below the gumline ultrasonically for gentle, highly effective non-surgical periodontal care.

- PERSONAL OVERHEAD FLAT SCREENS allow you to listen to music or watch TV from the extraordinary comfort of the TEMPUR-PEDIC OVERLAY of your dental chair!