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Biologic Hygiene





Wendy Beratan, DMD, AIAOMT, SMART


-  David Klass, DMD, AIAOMT, SMART


Meetinghouse Dental has 5 incredible hygienists: 








Each year, we consistently incorporate more biologic products and therapies into our hygiene protocol. Today we are able to provide a truly unique biologic experience.


Meetinghouse Dental cleanings include:

·       General questions and answers

·       Overall oral evaluation by our hygienists of teeth, gums, and tongue

·       Necessary x-rays using low radiation digital technology

·       Hand scaling to remove bacterial biofilm (plaque and calculus)

·       High power dental air vac to ensure clean air, capturing any vapor escaping oral environment

·       Ultrasonic cavitron as needed to remove heavy tartar deposits and/or stain

·       Initial polish with baking soda to remove stains and neutralize acids

·       Polishing with a clean-ingredient, non-fluoridated polishing paste

·       Oxygen-ozone water irrigation via air/water syringe performed throughout the cleaning

·       Optional hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate) varnish to promote remineralization of starting cavities

        - Continual at home applications of a remineralization product will ensure nightly protection to promote remineralization

·       Flossing

·       Clinical exam with dentist to review x-rays and examine the mouth thoroughly, including screening for head and neck cancer


Take home:

·       Home care instructions and treatment recommendations based on findings - incorporating baking soda to neutralize acids and utilizing an at home remineralization product like Shine or MI Paste.

·       Dental nutritional guidance (advanced questions can be answered by our on-staff dental nutritionist, Dr. Anthony)

·       Oral probiotics if bacterial intervention is recommended.



We hear the story from patients over and over.  For years they have gone to their traditional dental offices for regular cleanings.  They brushed and flossed and used fluoride as directed, yet problems like decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease still affected them.  The solution?  More brushing.  More fluoride.  More frequent cleanings.  Some improvement may be seen, but, for the most part, poor oral health persists.


Not every case of gingivitis (bleeding gums) or periodontal disease (bone loss) is the direct result of poor home care.  While home care is important to remove food debris and disrupt bacterial biofilm (plaque/calculus) formation consistently, other factors can play a role in overall oral health.  While our professional cleanings are integral to oral health, education will allow patients to concentrate on correcting possible root cause issues: vitamin or mineral deficiencies, whole food nutritional needs, digestive issues and/or gut dysbiosis, hormone imbalances, mouth breathing, dry mouth or lack of salivary flow, poor salivary health, lack of adequate restful sleep or presentation of sleep-disorders, silent acid reflux, systemic toxicity, stress, heavy metal burden, malocclusion (improper bite), electrical imbalances (oral galvanism), chronic systemic health issues (Lyme, mold, etc.).  A truly healthy mouth is a component of a healthy body.


In 2024, our hygienists are completing their biologic dental hygiene accreditation with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).  At that time, there will be less than 100 dental hygienists in the entire world who have been accredited with the IAOMT as biologic dental hygienists.