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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique, as simple as it is effective for healing cells, tissues, and organs.  Oil pulling supports the body’s elimination of toxic waste without disturbing healthy microflora.


Pour one tablespoon of either sesame oil or sunflower oil (use only one of these two oils) into the mouth upon waking in the morning, on an empty stomach, before brushing teeth.  Cold pressed, organic is not necessarily more efficient but may taste significantly better.  Swish between teeth, over back of tongue, and over inner cheek tissue for 20 minutes.  Relax jaws and recruit tongue to help move oil around the mouth.  The first day you may not last 20 minutes.  Oil pull for as long as you are able.  You’ll find you quickly and comfortably build to 20 minutes within days.

Oil pulling breaks up biofilm, intensifies metabolism, and activates enzymes that draw toxins out of tissues and blood.  As oil mixes with saliva and binds toxins, the liquid becomes thinner and whiter.  After 20 minutes, spit well repeatedly, rinse with warm water, and brush your teeth meticulously.  Oil pulling can be repeated later in the day on an empty stomach. 

Perform daily for a minimum of two weeks.  Include in morning routine after two weeks elapse, or resume as needed.

Dental health benefits can include tissue detoxification, mitigation or elimination of tooth and gum infection, resolution of tooth pain, fastening of loosened teeth, improved gum health, reduced gum bleeding, and, incidentally, significant tooth whitening.  Oil pulling may be significantly beneficial post dental amalgam remediation. 

Other health benefits may address discomforts and disorders from headaches to eczema. 

Research “oil pulling” on the web to learn more.