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Bisphenols in Composites

Are white fillings toxic too?


There is concern over estrogen-mimicking effects of plastic chemicals like Bisphenol A in composite resin dental materials. 


​Not all composite materials contain xeno-estrogens, however.

We use Venus Diamond white composite resin. It does not contain time released fluoride, and it is free of Bisphenol A, Bisphenol B, and Bis GMA.
Note that this is not the only composite material that is clean.  An increasing number of highly biocompatible materials are available on the market due to increased consumer demand. 


You can ask your dentist for the brand name of the composite material used in your practice and then search the internet for the MSDS (the manufacturer's list of components) yourself, or you can ask your dentist to call the manufacturers and find out for you (1) if xeno-estrogens are present in the composite material (Bisphenol A, Bisphenol B, and Bis GMA) and (2) if time released fluoride is present.  (Manufacturers add Xeno estrogens to increase pliability, as in water bottles, and they add time released fluoride supposedly to decrease tooth sensitivity.  These ingredients are superfluous as well as toxic; the justifications are not viable.)