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BioPhotonic Anti-Oxidant Scan


You eat organic, right?  And supplement conscientiously? 

But . . . are you SURE your diet and supplements are providing the antioxidant defense network needed for optimal health in a toxic world?  Is your body receiving the minerals it needs to protect your gums, oral tissues, and teeth? 

Take our 2-minute BioPhotonic scan, and know

You do NOT have to be a patient of Meetinghouse Dental Care to scan! 
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What Is A BioPhotonic Scanner?

The BioPhotonic scanner by Pharmanex measures skin carotenoid levels non-invasively in living human tissue utilizing Resonance Raman Spectroscopy.

(NOTE: We do not sell Pharmanex supplements.  Our focus, as always, is whole foods.)

How Does It Work?   

The BioPhotonic scanner produces a narrow beam of blue photon light in a wavelength of 473 nanometers.  When a blue 473 nm photon of light contacts a carotenoid in the skin, the blue 473 nm photon becomes a green 510 nm photon. 

A carotenoid is the only molecule that can shift a blue 473 nm photon of light to a green 510 nm photon of light.  Resonance Raman Spectroscopy technology counts the green photons for the carotenoid score. 

How Do I Scan?

Place the fleshy part of your palm over the scanner’s blue light.  The scanner takes less than 2 minutes to read your skin carotenoid level! 

What Are Carotenoids?

Carotenoids produce the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are a class of antioxidants that defend and replenish non-carotenoid antioxidants in the body like C, E, COQ10, Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, etc.  Antioxidants of all kinds quench free radicals. 

A high level of skin carotenoids indicates a rich antioxidant defense network in the body and a correspondingly low, healthy level of unquenched free radicals.

Furthermore, fresh organic fruits and vegetables are the body's primary source of the minerals needed for successful remineralization of tooth enamel. 

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals, a normal by-product of many natural bodily processes, are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules.  Breathing, exercising, ATP production, immune system functioning – all naturally produce free radicals. 

Antioxidants are molecules that donate electrons to free radicals. quenching them and averting a degenerative chain reaction. 

Systemic problems begin when cells are overexposed to free radicals and underexposed to antioxidants.   

How Does Overexposure to Free Radicals Happen? 

We can be overexposed to free radicals by multiple sources of toxicity - both from our diet and from our environment:
- fast restaurant food
- packaged, processed food
- additives and preservatives in food
- steroids and antibiotics in food
- mental/emotional stress
- excess body fat
- first and second hand smoke
- high-altitude flight
- airport scanners
- x-rays of all kinds (yes, including dental)
- other radiation exposure
- environmental pollution (air and water)
- toxic household cleansers
- pesticides
- EMF pollution (cell phones, microwaves, WiFi, fluorescents, wireless devices, etc.)
- illness
- exposure to dental heavy metals - like mercury, cadmium, nickel, etc. - in amalgam silver fillings, orthodontic braces, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, gutta percha filling in root canalled teeth, metal substructures of bridges, denture, or partials
- oral and/or systemic infection and inflammation

How Can I Boost Antioxidant Levels?

- Consider dental revision under the supervision of your integrative health practitioner.  
- Consume a variety of deeply colored fresh organic fruits and vegetables – deep reds, oranges, yellows and also purples, blues and greens.  The deeper the color, very often the higher the antioxidant level.
- Precede consumption of carbohydrates with a healthy source of fat and protein (maybe a handful of organic raw almonds, for example) to avoid glycemic index spikes.
- Increase consumption of nitric oxide-producing foods like kale, spinach, beets, etc.
- Choose well-formulated nutritional supplements containing phytonutrient antioxidants. 
- Laugh a lot.
- Engage in other endorphin-producing activities.
- Exercise optimally, avoiding excesses.
- Be aware that a higher percentage of body fat often represents the body’s retention of heavy metals and other biotoxins; said retention compromises the functioning of your antioxidant defense network as well as the functioning of all other systems, from your immune system to your hormonal system to your extracellular/lymphatic drainage system to your elimination system.
- Eliminate toxic intake represented by diet products, white flour and white sugar, partially hydrogenated products, GMO foods, and processed foods with high fructose corn syrup.
- Avoid first and second hand smoke.
- Exchange toxic household cleansers for greener cleansing products.
- Limit exposure to EMF pollution, pesticides, air pollution, xeno-estrogens from plastics (including bisphenol-containing plastic resin composites in your teeth - always request composite material free of xeno-estrogens).
- Filter your drinking water.
- Get enough sun for Vit D production. Take K2.

When Is The Scanner Available?

T 11am-4pm / W and TH 8am-3:30pm. 
Call ahead at 215.293.0909.

What Does A Scan Cost?

$20 a scan!

Can You Eat Well For A Few Days And Scan a High Score?

No.  Your skin carotenoid score reflects lifestyle habits and is not improved by most changes occurring over short periods of hours or days.  (Although it CAN be compromised by short-term changes induced by air flight or emotional/mental stress.)  

The only source of immediate score improvement that we’ve observed to date is the regeneration of proper cell membrane electrical potential by Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.  See our website page on PEMF.

You can check your skin carotenoid score with a new scan after every 3 months. 

Know for sure if your dietary and supplementary intake is providing an adequate amount of antioxidant-containing nutrients for optimal health!  


NOTE:  All things in moderation.  Supplementation can be important in reestablishing welless, but it is NOT a substitution for healthy dietary intake, exercise, and clean living! 

If you do not have a nutritionist, call 215.293.0909 for a consult session with our on-site whole-food nutritionist, Anthony Trovato, MSACN, LMT.  Anthony has an undergraduate Bachelor's degree in nutrition from La Salle University and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from New York College of Chiropractic.  He regularly attends postgraduate continuing education in integrative medicine, biologic dentistry, and nutrition, and he is currently writing his PhD dissertation in Natural Medicine at Quantum University on remineralization of tooth enamel through whole food and natural remedies.  Anthony can help you modify your diet and supplementation to support drainage, detox, and function for optimal weight control, long-term health, and longevity.  He can help you create the oral environment that will allow you to re-mineralize tooth incipiencies, areas of starting decay that have not yet broken through the enamel to enter the dentin. 

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