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Nutrition plays a critical role in dental health.  It is impossible to have healthy teeth and gums while consuming the  Standard American Diet.  "Soft teeth" and "poor genetics" are excuses of the past.  Learn how your current diet directly affects your ability to maintain a healthy oral environment and how to decrease your chances of gum inflammation and tooth decay.  

Trovato Nutrition and Meetinghouse Dental Care provide oral health nutritional counselling as an integral component of our biological dentistry New Patient Consultation.  The nutritional component of the visit reviews your average nutritional intake, with the goal of supporting your ability to balance oral (and systemic) pH.  


No matter how cleanly you eat and drink, potential oral sources of toxins like mercury/silver amalgam fillings, root canalled teeth, high oral galvanism, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can contribute to inflammation and breakdown.  Excess oral acidity encourages biofilm growth and inhibits saliva's natural remineralization of teeth.  Combining nutritional advice with proper home care will support your health during dental revision.  

Our on-staff biologic dental nutritionist, Anthony Trovato, MSACN, MNM, will perform a biophotonic scan to measure the quality and consistency of your diet and review the intake form.  During the beginning nutrition part of the comprehensive dental exam,

Anthony will efficiently cover as many topics as time allows:

- Biologic dental issues relevant to your mouth
- Importance of salivary pH

- The truth behind "acid erosion"

- Factors to slow the breakdown process

- Importance of mineral and healthy fat intake

- Phytic acid's role in tooth decay

- Three simple dietary modifications to improve oral health 

If you already eat and drink well, the biophotonic scanner will reflect this, and you can come away from the exam knowing for sure that you current nutritional routine is effective in maintaining an optimal oral environment.  Anthony may suggest more advanced home care techniques for even better results such as baking soda soft picks, oil pulling, MI Paste without FL2, and EvoraPro.

Nutritional advice is intended to support your oral health as you undertake dental revision.  Nutritional information provided will always respect the nutritional recommendations of your healthcare practitioner. 

Anthony Trovato attended La Salle University in Philadelphia, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Pre-Bio concentrations.  His first Master's degree is in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College and his second Master's degree is in Natural Medicine from Quantum University.  He is now enrolled in a PhD program from the same University, currently writing his dissertation on Nutrition and Oral Health.  Anthony attends continuing education seminars all over the US on biologic dentistry, alternative medicine, whole-body wellness, and advanced nutrition.

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