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EvoraPro Oral Probiotic

What is EvoraPro?
EvoraPro is a Dental Probiotic that contains three specific strains of beneficial oral bacteria: S. oralis KJ3, S. uberis KJ2, and S. rattus JH145. These bacteria compete for the same binding sites (teeth, gum, tongue, etc.) as harmful bacteria like S. mutans, effectively hindering destructive bacteria from causing tooth decay, gum/bone issues, and bad breath.

How does EvoraPro Work?
S. oralis KJ3, S. uberis KJ2, and S. rattus JH145 are preserved in EvoraPro’s freeze dried tablet, activating when dissolved by saliva.  They attach themselves to teeth and to gum tissue, establishing colonies of live, active bacteria both on the surface of the teeth and beneath the gum line.  These beneficial probiotics compete with undesirable oral bacteria for both nutrients and space. With daily replenishment, ProBiora3 bacteria reestablish the natural microbial and pH balance in the mouth, supporting overall gum and tooth health.

When Should I Take EvoraPro?
For best results, start taking EvoraPro immediately after a professional cleaning to give its beneficial bacteria a head start on healthy colonization of your mouth. 

EvoraPro oral probiotic is indicated if you have:
- periodontal disease or inflamed, bleeding gums
- bad breath
- root canals
- repetitive decay
- repetitive plaque and/or tartar build up

Daily use: dissolve one EvoraPro tablet on tongue about 10-15 minutes after brushing and flossing your teeth, right before going to bed.  (Avoid food or water for 30 minutes after taking EvoraPro.)

EvoraPro Naturally Freshens Breath
By binding to teeth and beneath the gum line, the combination of S. oralis K and S. uberis leaves little room or nutrients for bad-breath causing bacteria. Reduction in undesirable bacteria equals a direct reduction in those volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath.

EvoraPro Naturally Whitens Teeth
S. oralis KJ3 and S. uberis KJ2 naturally produce low doses of hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide has a beneficial sterilization property, and it acts to whiten teeth gently, without creating tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

If I already take a gut Probiotic, should I still take EvoraPro?
Yes!  Your current probiotic is specifically designed for overall gut health.  Gut bacteria have no effect on the oral cavity.  EvoraPro contains oral bacteria (S. oralis KJ3, S. uberis KJ2, and S. rattus JH145) that are beneficial to and thrive in a healthy mouth.  Think of it like this.  A palm tree from Florida, a pine tree from Pennsylvania, and a tropical flower from the rainforest are all plants, but they don’t survive if transplanted to each other’s locations.

EvoraPro Key Points

• When EvoraPro dissolves in the oral cavity, a natural blend of beneficial bacteria binds to teeth and flourishes below the gingival margin, crowding out undesirable bacteria
• A professional prophylaxis (cleaning) removes both beneficial and undesirable bacteria
•  EvoraPro repopulates the mouth with essential probiotic oral bacteria, balancing oral pH and supporting saliva’s task of remineralizing teeth
• Soy, wheat, nut, gluten-free; trace dairy in processing
• Reorder at, office code 300581
• $50/bottle = 3 month supply, professional strength
• Immuno-compromised patients: inform healthcare provider of ALL supplements, including EvoraPro, prior to use