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What is Integrative Dentistry for Whole-Body Health?

The mouth is a vital component of whole-body health. In fact, integrative medical doctors attribute two causes of immune system deterioration directly to dentistry, especially for patients with heightened sensitivity to dental materials. First, dental metals represent a significant factor in immune system compromise, both in terms of heavy metal toxicity and in terms of the galvanization induced by mercury-amalgam silver fillings and metal alloys in crown/bridge work. The other dental factor in immune system compromise is infection - ie: re-infected root canalled teeth and infected jaw bone sites.

Simon Yu MD insists dentistry must clear toxic burdens on the immune system before other health practitioners can address illness effectively. He says, “If you see many doctors for your condition with an unsuccessful diagnosis and treatment, your mouth may be the missing link to your illness.”  Dietrich Klinghardt MD and Thomas Rau MD, other prominent healthcare lecturers, emphasize the dental priority in health care syntax for the chronically ill as well.

Compassionate and experienced, Dr. Lou Trovato, Dr. Wendy Beratan and Dr. Matthew He are committed to supporting your progress toward optimal wellness and will work closely with your integrative medical doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, nutritionist, neurologist, chiropractor or other health practitioner.

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