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We are often asked, “How long will this ceramic crown – or porcelain veneer – last?”  So many factors influence the longevity of dental restorations that our best estimates can never be more than estimates.  We do, however, fully support your investment in optimal dental health, and we love to exceed your expectations.  It is, therefore, our pleasure to continue to offer what we believe to be a unique value in dentistry . . .


Our Part


If the following restorations are found to need replacement within the time period indicated, if the tooth beneath is salvageable, and if you have done your part, returning regularly for routine care of restorations and surrounding gum area (see below), we will, at no charge, for as long as we are in practice:

  • Replace any crown, onlay, veneer, or bridge with a new crown, onlay, veneer, or bridge of the same type for up to 5 years.  (That said, CEREC restorations average 19 ½ + years.)
  • Replace any white composite filling with white composite filling for up to 2 years.
    • The ideal filling is no more than 50% of the tooth.  If more than 50% of the tooth has become compromised within the two year time frame, a crown or onlay will be indicated.  If indicated, we will credit the full fee originally paid for the composite filling toward the new crown or onlay.  You pay only the difference. 




  • It is not possible to guarantee longevity of cosmetic bonding.  Impact can break bonding.  Replacement is at full fee.
  • It is not possible to guarantee longevity of a Maryland bridge or Hugger bridge, although we will instruct you in their care.  Both are considered temporary replacement options.  Impact can dislodge or break retainer wings.
  • We cannot predict if gum or root canal treatment will ever be needed.  If needed, these procedures will incur a separate fee. 


Your Part


. . . because achieving and maintaining optimal dental health requires a partnership between providers and guest!


  • Visit our office a minimum of 2 times per calendar year for exams and professional cleanings - - 3 or 4 if we’ve diagnosed a gum condition - - so we can manage gum health, assure marginal integrity of restorations, and address problems while they are minimal.
  • Carry no outstanding balance over 30 days after insurance claims are paid.