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Financial Information


At Meetinghouse Dental Care, we realize each person's financial situation is unique.  We offer multiple payment options.  We want to ensure you enjoy your smile at its healthiest.

Payment options: 

  • We accept cash, personal check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards.  (Please note: to accept your personal checks, we do require a social security number.)
  • We help with pre-tax plans.
  • For guests who prefer an extended (6-month), no interest, monthly payment plan, we've contracted with CareCredit.  No application fee, no down payment, no annual fee, no prepayment penalty.  Paperwork is minimal, and approval takes minutes.  Apply  from home:
    • CareCredit offers 6 months same as cash for procedures over $200.   No senior or prepayment courtesy for this option.
  • We extend a 10% senior courtesy to all non-insured senior citizens (starting at age 65) AND to all insured senior citizens who choose to pay the practice directly and accept private assignment of benefits.  Not to be combined with other offers.  Not valid toward products.
  • We offer uninsured guests a 5% prepayment accounting courtesy on their investment paid in full by check (with social security number) or cash prior to start of dental work for treatment plans of $1500 and above.  Not to be combined with other offers.  Not valid toward products.
  • We offer insured guests the same 5% prepayment accounting courtesy on a total treatment plan of over $1500 paid to the practice in full by check (with social security number) or cash prior to the start of treatment, with private assignment of benefits.   Not to be combined with other offers.  Not valid toward products.
  • We offer insured guests a 5% prepayment accounting courtesy on an estimated private payment portion of over $1500 paid to the practice in full by check (with social security  number) or cash prior to the start of treatment.   Not to be combined with other offers.  Not valid toward products.
  • Invest as you go.  Complete elective dental work by spreading your appointments over several months or even years.
  • If you have dental insurance, we will help you maximize benefits to which you are entitled.  We also estimate your coverage for each procedure and process your claims as a courtesy to you.  We work with ALL traditional PPO (out-of-network) insurances and you pay only your private pay portion at time of service.  Any balance will become due after claim has been processed and Explanation of Benefits has arrived.  We are also out-of-network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Concordia, and Delta.  These three companies require that you pay us in full at time of service with assignment of benefits directly to you.
  • Our fees tend to fall WITHIN the UCR (usual and customary rates).  If you are a prospective new patient and wish to call your insurance company to determine if your out-of-network plan pays at the UCR  or if it pays at a fee schedule, here are three preventive codes usually covered at 100% by traditional PPO plans that pay on the UCR - as well as our fees for those codes:
  •       (1) periodic exam - code 0120 - our fee $64
  •       (2) professional cleaning (prophy) - code 1110 - our fee $112
  •       (3) bitewing x-rays - code 0274 - our fee $80. 
  • Tell the agent who answers your call that you are going to visit an out-of-network dentist.  Give the agent the code and our fee.  Ask at what percentage you can expect to be covered/reimbursed.  If the agent answers 100%, clarify that it will be 100% of $64 (our periodic exam fee) or 100% of $112 (our cleaning fee) or 100% of $80 (our bitewing fee).  If your plan pays at 100% for preventive, it will usually (not always, but usually) pay the traditional 80% for basic (fillings) and 50% for major (onlays, crowns, dentures). 
  • If you are a prospective new patient and wish to call your insurance company to determine eligibility and coverage/reimbursement for your initial new patient visit using your out-of-network dental insurance plan, proceed as follows. 
  •  (1) Ask the agent if you are eligible for a new patient dental evaluation, code 0150, for a nutritional dental education visit, code 1310, and for a full mouth series (FMX) of 18 x-rays, code 0210.  If you are not eligible, ask when you will be eligible.  Plans (even those carried by the same insurance carrier) can allow different frequencies, especially for exam code 0150.  Most plans permit two exams of any kind per year, sometimes with a restriction of 6 months between them, and many (but not all) count the new patient evaluation as one of those two exams.  Most plans allow for a full mouth series of x-rays every 3 years, but a few plans allow for every five years.  Some plans pay toward the nutritional dental education component, but many do not.  If you are not eligible for a full mouth series of x-rays, you can ask the agent which dentist you should contact to request transfer of your current full mouth series to our office.  If your x-rays are digital, have them sent to  If they are on traditional film, ask that they be copied onto duplicating film and mailed to YOUR address (not ours) so you can bring them with you on the day of your initial visit.  You may be required to retrieve the copy on duplicating film in person from your current office. (We can not be responsible for a FMX on duplicating film that is mailed to our office.  If the full mouth series of 18 x-rays transferred to us was taken more than a year ago, we will take bitewing x-rays to update the FMX.  (Bitewing code 0274; our fee $80.)  If you have had a pano taken by an oral surgeon, and if it has been submitted to your dental insurance for coverage, it will have been substituted for the full mouth series in terms of eligibility.  Note that we will still take the full mouth series at the new patient visit but that it will not be eligible for reimbursement.  We will not substitute a pano for the FMX,    
  • (2) If you are eligible for the new patient evaluation and for the full mouth series of x-rays, tell the agent that your out-of-network dentist charges $110 for new patient exam code 0150 and $160 for FMX code 0210.  Ask how much your plan will reimburse.  If the agent says 100%, clarify that it is 100% of our fees of $110 and $160.  NOTE: The new patient exam with the nutritional dental  education supplement (a component that defines us uniquely as a holistic dental practice) is $230 total; we submit $110 of that $230 to insurance under dental code 0150 and $120 of it to insurance under dental code 1310.
  • If you are a prospective new patient, we recommend that you wait to call your insurance company to inquire about coverage for fillings and onlays UNTIL YOU HAVE A TREATMENT PLAN (even a tentative one) with tooth numbers, surfaces, and ADA dental codes.  That said, we can give you an idea regarding cost in our office.  Every tooth has five surfaces: the surface toward the back of the mouth, the surface toward the front of the mouth, the surface of the tooth next to the cheek, the surface next to the tongue, and the biting surface.  A one-surface posterior filling in our office, before insurance, is $220.  A two-surface posterior filling is $280.  A three-surface posterior filling is $345.  Fillings are usually addressed by dental insurance under basic, usually covered at 80%, although your plan may have a "posterior composite covered as amalgam" clause.  If there is more existing filling than remaining natural tooth structure, a white filling will not withstand the daily biting pressure; it will flex and eventually lose its bond.  The restoration needed will be an onlay or possibly a crown.  An onlay, code 2643, or a crown, code 2740, is $1299, usually addressed by dental insurance under major, usually covered at 50%.
  • We can not work with HMO (DMO) plans, Medicare/Medicaid, or CHIP.  If you have these plans, you must stay  in network to use them.
  • If you consult Human Resources, you may find that your place of employment currently offers or is willing to add alternative dental insurance options.  As always, our practice works with all traditional PPO plans (PPO means the plan allows you to choose any dentist you wish as an out-of-network provider), quoting estimated private pay portions, accepting copays and assignment of benefits, submitting and supporting and processing claims.  Again, a PPO plan refers to any plan that offers out-of-network benefits.  If you DO have options, select a PPO plan that pays on the UCR (usual and customary rate) rather than on a fee schedule based on premium.  Our fees almost always fall within UCR.
  • As out-of-network providers for BCBS, United Concordia, and Delta, we will submit claims and predeterminations on your behalf.   As out-of-network patients, BCBS, UC, and Delta will require that you pay our practice in full at the time service is rendered.  We will submit your claims with benefits assigned directly to you.  To know FOR SURE what YOUR reimbursement percentages and maximums will be on an out-of-network basis, you MUST call either your Human Resource Department or your insurance carrier and inquire - or you can ask us to submit a pre-D at any time for any procedure(s). 
  • As out-of-network providers, we have been informed by Delta that Delta will not send us copies of your EOB's (explanation of benefits).  For us to be able to assist you in reimbursement matters, simply fax us or email any EOB in question.  Fax to us at 215-293-0901.  E-mail to
  • Below find a list of common procedures along with ADA codes and our practice fees.  
  • HYGIENE PROCEDURES  (Preventive category, often covered at 100%)
  • Code 0120 - periodic exam - our fee $64
  • Code 1110 - prophy (routine cleaning) - our fee $112
  • Code 0274 - bitewing check up x-rays - our fee $80
  • Code 0150 - new patient dental exam -  our fee $110
  • Code 0210 - FMX - our fee $160
  • HYGIENE PROCEDURES  (Basic category, often covered at 80%) 
  • Code 4910 - perio maintenance cleaning - our fee $165
  • Code 4341 - scaling/root planing per quadrant - our fee $310
  • RESTORATIVE PROCEDURES  (Basic category, often covered at 80%)
  • Code 9110 - palliative visit - our fee $157
  • Code 0140 - limited exam - our fee $64
  • Code 2391 - 1 surface posterior composite filling  - our fee $220
  • Code 2392 - 2 surface posterior composite filling - our fee $280
  • Code 2393 - 3 surface posterior composite filling - our fee $345
  • Code 7140 - extraction - our fee $300
  • RESTORATIVE PROCEDURES  (Major category, often covered at 50%)
  • Code 2644 - onlay - our fee $1299
  • Code 2740 - crown - our fee $1299
  • Code 2962 - porcelain veneer - our fee $1299
  • Code 6057 - implant abutment - our fee $1035
  • Code 6058 - implant supported crown - our fee $1650
  • Code 5110 or 5120 - upper or lower denture - our fee $2050

  • Our Guarantee
    Since 1983.

    Do you wonder: “How long will this ceramic crown – or porcelain veneer – last?”  So many factors influence longevity of dental restorations that we can only estimate.  We do, however, fully support your investment in optimal dental health, and we love to exceed your expectations.  It is our pleasure to offer our patients a unique value .

    Our Part

    If WE (not another dentist) find the following restorations need replacement within the time period indicated, if the tooth beneath is salvageable, and if you have done your part, returning regularly for professional hygiene therapy to care for surrounding gums and for routine evaluation of restorations (see below), we will, at no charge, for as long as we are in practice:
    • Replace or credit (not reimburse) any crown, onlay, veneer, or bridge with a new crown, onlay, veneer, or bridge of the same type for up to 5 years.  
    • Replace or credit (not reimburse) any white composite filling with white composite filling for up to 2 years.
      • The ideal filling is no more than 50% of the tooth.  If more than 50% of the tooth has become compromised within the two year time frame (due to tooth breakage, for example), a crown or onlay will be indicated.  If indicated, we will credit the full fee originally paid for the composite filling toward the new crown or onlay.  You pay only the difference. 


    • It is not possible to guarantee longevity of cosmetic bonding.  Impact can break bonding.  Replacement is at full fee.
    • It is not possible to guarantee longevity of a root canalled tooth.  Guarantee applies only to restoration itself.
    • We cannot guarantee bridgework or partials anchored on any root canalled tooth.
    • It is not possible to guarantee longevity of a Maryland bridge.  It is considered a temporary replacement option.  Impact can dislodge or break retainer wings.
    • We cannot predict if periodontal treatment will ever be needed.  We cannot predict nerve health of any tooth.  Procedures to address such issues will be referred to the appropriate specialist and will incur a separate fee to that specialist.  If extraction is required, we may perform the procedure; the procedure will incur a separate fee.


    Your Part 

    . . . because achieving and maintaining optimal dental health requires a partnership! 

    • Visit our office a minimum of 2 times per calendar year for routine exams and professional cleanings - - 3 or 4 if we’ve diagnosed a gum condition - - so we can manage gum health, assure marginal integrity of restorations, and address problems while they are minimal.  

      ·  Note that this requirement, which allows us to monitor and maintain restorative integrity on an ongoing preventive basis, means that we are not able to extend our guarantee to non-patients who come here for mercury-safe restorative work only.  Monitoring and maintenance will - of necessity - fall to your home dentist.  Please consider this restriction before scheduling.



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